Hangover Monster
Guronsan | Integrated Campaign

Guronsan is a remedy for the hangover. Party-goers don’t go to Pharmacies or look at medical advertising so we created a monster: THE HANGOVER MONSTER. He's big, he's green and he's mean. He likes to show up in the morning when you drink too much and he has fun sledge-hammering your head.

We let the monster loose where the kids were: universities, clubs, parties. He was on Facebook too.
Fans beg to the monster to come to their parties and posted their own content. We got more than 20.000 Facebook fans and more than 2.000.000 pageviews. The Hangover Monster has made his name among party-goers and in our audience’s imagination. But why suffer? Kill the Monster. Have a Guronsan.
Webfilm - The Hangover Collection
Summer Festival Activation